NEAT FEAT cares about Mothers always on their feet!

There’s more to looking after your feet than wearing shoes and cutting your toenails. People often forget about looking after their feet , maybe thinking that it’s not as important as the rest of the body. However Foot conditions and injuries are common, and many health conditions affecting other parts of your body can also impact your feet. One of the more common conditions is dry cracked feet and heel. Neat Feat Products provides High Performance Foot and Body Care Toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle.

About Neat Feat

Neat Feat Products Ltd is a New Zealand based company founded in 1993 and specialising in a unique range of Lifestyle and Leisure Sports Toiletries. It is the only company in the world who is developing a range of Sports Toiletries which have such wide appeal and specific application with regard to modern lifestyles. The product range is primarily foot care based with 5 key ranges making up the foot care offering. These are:

  •  Personal Care
  •  Orthotics
  •  Footcare Gels
  •  Womens heel/shoe
  •  Zori Sandals

Neat Feat also has a range of bodycare products that mainly deal with sweat and perspiration issues. The products themselves are high performance toiletries and not medicines. Our products are currently being used by New Zealand sporting teams, the New Zealand Armed Forces and individual sporting athletes. The key to our success is innovation and we are committed to extending our range of unique and innovative products. We have been able to achieve this by adding several new products to the range each year. (Source: Neatfeat.com)

Editor’s Pick

Foot Care Kit

AUD$21.18 incl. tax (as at 31/08/2023)

Foot Care Kit
Here’s what’s included: Exfoliant Soap, Foot Pumice Stone and Heel Balm. All products utilise natures finest natural ingredients.

Neat Feat Exfoliant Soap:
High-performance exfoliant soap that removes even the most ingrained of dirt and lifts tough dead skin cells to the surface. Containing kiwifruit seeds and crushed walnut shell, immerse yourself in an invigorating scrub anytime day or night. Use it daily to keeps skin smooth & clean

Neat Feat Foot Pumice Stone:
This heavy-duty yet gentle-on-the-skin pumice stone is lovingly made using NZ’s cherished iron sand reserves. Gently rub dry, cracked areas of the skin to soften, lift, and remove built-up skin deposits. It can be used to remove hard dry skin and roughened skin. Use after bathing on elbows, knees, soles and heels of feet. Be sure to use a rich cream afterwards to combat friction and encourage deep skin rehydration and moisture replenishment.

Neat Feat Heel Balm:
The Neat Feat Heel balm 75G is an oil based product, this enables the balm to stay over the affected area, and the active ingredient rehydrates the skin, repairing damage with noticeable results within 5 days. Neat Feat’s Heel Balm works by forming a barrier over the affected area to encourage heel-healing while shielding the skin from harm.

(Source: Neatfeat.com)

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